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The BioHiTech Solution

Green technology meets Big Data to offer
transparency, savings, and a sustainable future.

Eco-Safe Digester®

Dispose & Digest

  • Eliminates up to 2,500 pounds of food waste per day
  • Converts food waste into a nutrient-neutral water
  • Transports the water safely through standard sewer lines

BioHiTech Cloud™

Measure & Optimize

  • Measures key metrics to optimize the waste disposal process
  • Identifies portfolio-wide operational efficiencies
  • Provides an accurate audit trail to support environmental directives

Waste Less. Be Smart.


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Featured Customers

Customer Showcase

Fairway Market is an innovative, environmentally progressive supermarket chain using BioHiTech’s green technology and access to data to not only improve earnings and shareholder value, but to promote their green initiatives on their Green Commitment web site.

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