Benefits of The Eco-Safe Digester

The Eco-Safe Digester is a simple cost-effective food waste disposal technology solution designed to solve today's landfill diversion and sustainability objectives while providing the information necessary to prevent the creation of as much food waste as possbile.  

A cloud-based management solution that:

  • Diverts significant volumes of food waste from landfills
  • Saves millions of dollars from eliminated waste hauling
  • Prevents the creation of waste altogether
  • Complies with state and city organic diversion regulations and legislations
  • Monitors performance remotely
  • Measures and collects food waste data
  • Correlates information to report cost savings and environmental reductions
  • Identifies categories of waste for smarter budgeting and purchsasing purposes
  • Improves efficiency of waste process and productivity of staff
  • Handles food waste at the point of generation, no residual waste to store or transport

Who Will Benefit

  • ANY business that generates a high volume of organic waste
  • ANY business interested in learning more about their waste profile
  • ANY business committed to reducing and preventing the creation of waste

Ideal for use in any food service, hospitality, healthcare, government, conference center or education application. 

The Eco-Safe Digester is already the standard in many well known brands coast to coast.