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It’s not me.  Or you.  Or them.  It’s us.

It’s not mine.  Or his.  Or hers.  Or theirs.  It’s ours.

It’s not this.  Or that.  Or the other thing.  It’s everything.

It’s not today.  Or tomorrow.  Or another time.  It’s now.

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Combining Technology Solutions with Traditional Services to Create a Zero-Landfill Environment

At BioHiTech Global, we are working to change the future of the waste management services industry by creating a technology-driven services company to cost-effectively reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal. Our suite of products and services can be used individually or combined to help reduce waste generation, significantly reduce landfill usage, and create a valuable renewable fuel.

Our technology, products, and services include: food waste digesters, data analytics tools, and sophisticated facilities for processing municipal solid waste. Our customers include The Federal Government, Fortune 100 companies, regional grocery chains as well as numerous food service and hospitality companies.


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A future with less waste is a future less wasted

BioHiTech Solutions

Natural green technology diverts food waste from distant landfills.

Revolution digesters from BioHiTech divert food waste from landfills by breaking it down into a liquid that enters the wastewater system. These easy-to-use machines will transform how you manage food waste.