On-site, Cost-Effective Solution
for Food Waste Measurement and Disposal

Divert food waste in three easy steps…


Simply add food waste throughout the day. The Digester can process most food items with no grinding or pre-processing required.


Aerobic digestion technology uses a proprietary blend of microorganisms to naturally break down food waste into liquid form.


Once food waste is completely broken down it is safely discharged as wastewater through any standard sewer line. Complete diversion from landfill.

Revolution Series Digesters

BioHiTech Seed® & BioHiTech Sprout®

Offering a cloud-based technology solution using powerful analytics to affect sustainable and profitable changes in the reduction of food waste generation.

Small, compact machines that can process up to
650 lbs (300 kg) of food waste per day.

About the size of a copier, these models are perfect for low-volume businesses with space constraints.


Seed & Sprout Details
Model Seed Sprout
24 Hour Capacity up to
500 lbs
up to
227 kg
up to
650 lbs
up to
295 kg
Dimensions Width 30 in 76 cm 40 in 102 cm
Depth 30 in 76 cm 30 in 76 cm
Height 48 in 123 cm 48 in 123 cm
Weight 535 lbs 240 kg 670 lbs 304 kg
Power Source United States: 115 Volt
International: 230 Volt
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